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Apple Mac Hard Drive Problems:

Apple Macs are fast becoming the industry standard in certain sectors such as design, music and video production and as such need to be operating at their optimum best. Hard drive problems not only cause problems but the loss of important production time and it is of the utmost importance that the data on such drives can be recovered quickly and with the minimum of loss. Hard drive failures can be anything from components attached to the hard drive to software malfunctions and corruptions. If your Apple Mac powers down without your direct request or begins reporting disk error problems then we highly recommend that you shut the computer down and contact us here at Hull Data Recovery. We will be able to help you diagnose the nature of the problem from the information you give us and will help you move forward with the recovery of your data.

Difficulty Booting Mac from Internal Hard Drive:

Just like a Windows-based PC the Apple Mac boots up from an internal hard drive. The hard drive itself may be functioning correctly but there may be sectors that have become corrupted by overuse or the continual partitioning or deleting of partitions without following correct procedures. A hard drive containing the boot-up files for any operating system is an integral part of any computer and its failure can lead to untold loss of production time and data. With this in mind you should be aware of any problems arising from trying to boot the computer up from an internal drive. You may find initially that the drive is slow in booting up although it still will but over time the drive will degrade and finally give up completely. Boot log files as well as volume data may become corrupted or indeed disappear altogether which will eventually render any startup impossible.

Mac Hard Drive Mount Failure:

When using a hard drive in an Apple Mac you will notice that, as opposed to how a Windows-based PC operates, the drive requires the operating system to mount it before using. This is achieved using a set of commands within the operating system which will automatically mount whichever drive is registered as being the master. However there are occasions when the OS can lose the path to the master drive and fail to mount. In addition to this the software may develop faults that prevent necessary files from loading. If your OS has corrupted then this will have a knock on effect to your drive and could well stop it from loading full stop. You may also find that all data on the drive is inaccessible. With 15-years experience dealing with the problems associated with Apple Macs and their hard drives, Hull Data Recovery can help you recover your data even if we are unable to help you save the drive itself.

Mac Hard Drive Firmware Issues:

Firmware is a software program that is responsible for the communication between the entire computer system and the Mac hard disk drive. Firmware codes are typically located on disk platters, and if the platter becomes damaged or corrupted, the hard disk drive will experience a failure. This type of failure occurs even if the other mechanical and electrical components of the hard drive are in perfect working order. We have a high success rate with recovering data from corrupted firmware Mac HDD’s.

Mac Hard Drive Running at Less than Optimum Performance with OS:

We all know what to expect from our Apple Mac so when we find that the machine we cherish is running slower than normal the conclusion we draw is that something is perhaps not quite right. There may be occasions when the reading and writing of data to the drive in your Apple Mac becomes impaired as a result of bad sectors or clusters which the OS tries to pass over. When the OS realises that the sectors are important to how it completes its tasks the OS can shutdown and report failings in how it functions. As the operating system is stored on the hard drive any major problems can render the operating system devoid and also prevent the hard drive from being accessed. If this happens you may consider reinstalling your OS but we recommend against this as it invariably involves formatting your hard drive. And although formatting your hard drive again may allow it to function it does not cancel out the fact that errors exist on the drive. Contact us as soon as you discover conflicts between the Apple Mac’s OS and your hard drive.

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