External Hard Drive Recovery

External Hard Drive Recovery

No Fix - No Fee!

Our highly trained experts have 15 years of experience in the data recovery industry, and they can successfully recover data from the damaged External hard drive. We can guide you through the process of data recovery of lost data.
External Hard Drive Recovery

Software Fault £199

2-3 Days

Mechanical Fault £299

2-3 Days

Critical Service £795

1 Day

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Breakdown of External storage:

External HDD can be connected to PCs, laptops, and Macs. It is portable and easy to carry. It may develop same issues that found on a hard drive. Because it has the same technology and fundamental that a normal HDD has.

Deterioration of External HDD:

As it can be taken from one place to another easily, there is more scope for problems occurring. With time it will be started degraded and will stop functioning. If you feel slow performance in your external hard drive and more loading time to while opening a file, then it is the sign of external hard disk failure. So, call us ASAP to recover and backup your data.

External HDD board failure:

External HDD carries a small amount of printed circuitry board. It carries information and instruction to the jumpers and other connections. All these help to drive to spin at a specific speed. The board also has firmware. If anything happens wrong with the board, you can face issues like sudden loss of storage. If you had such issues and lost your data, then contact us ASAP can we can help you with data recovery.

Firmware issues in External HDD and NAS:

Firmware is one of the most important components of the hard drive. It is located on the glass platters of the HDD. Network Assisted Storage also carries firmware. Sometimes a new update can cause the external HDD to malfunction, and it will go unrecognizable. If you don’t have any knowledge on how to upgrade the firmware, then don’t take any risk and contact us. We will guide you in this.

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