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Our highly trained experts have 15 years of experience in the data recovery industry and they can successfully recover data from cameras. We can guide you through the process of data recovery of lost data.
Camera Media Recovery

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Critical Service £495

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Storage and read errors in camera memory card:

Memory cards are designed in such a way that, although they are small in size, they can store huge amount of data. It can be used in any devices and also easy to carry. Sometimes these cards can show problems, and you will not able to access the data stored in it. One of the primary reasons can be damage to the EEPROM chip. Firmware issues can damage the EPROM.

Damage to circuitry can cause memory card failure:

The circuitry is located inside the memory card. It controls the read and writes process of the memory card. Apart from this, it has a tiny CPU, a flash memory and a capacitor with a thin layer of oxide. So, any damage to the circuitry can make the memory card unreadable. But we can still retrieve data from such memory card using our advanced technology.

Memory Card Electronics Failure:

Electronic components inside a memory card are sadly susceptible to damage and corruption as with any other storage device. Whilst every endeavour may be made by you, the user, to ensure the safety of your pocket storage device there may still be problems arising simply because of general wear and tear or, as we have been dealing with here at, issues arising from power surges whilst the memory card been inserted in an internal card reader.

Failure of electronic components of memory card:

Like other hard drives, memory card also carries some small electronic components. General wear and tear can damage those components, making your card inaccessible. Sometimes power surge can develop such situation. But, we are there to help you to recover the data from damaged memory card.

Slow performance of memory card while reading and writing:

A new memory card will work faster. But with time it will start to degrade and can show various issues. If you notice slow read and write speed, then the memory card will soon cease working and it is also an indication that something wrong has happened with the memory card.

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