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Our highly trained experts have 15 years of experience in the data recovery industry, and they can successfully recover data from laptops. We can guide you through the process of data recovery of lost data.
Laptop Recovery

Software Fault £199

2-3 Days

Mechanical Fault £299

2-3 Days

Critical Service £795

1 Day

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The common problem that your laptop hard drives can face:

You use your laptops just like you use PCs, but it provides more benefits than the PCs. You can take it from place to place. But if it gets knocked, bumped or dropped, then these can damage its hard drives. Sometimes hardware and software failure can develop issues on the hard drive. In such circumstances, you can take our expert help to get back your lost data.

Failure of mechanical components of laptop HDD:

Like other HDD, laptop hard disk drive also carries many mechanical elements like actuator arms, spindles, head bearing and platters. If one of these components stopped working, then that will make the drive useless. So, make sure that you are maintaining an up to date backup. Using our latest data recovery software, we can recover your data from damaged laptop HDD.

Breakdown of laptop hard drive due to power fluctuation:

You will find a high rate of power fluctuation like a sudden surge of power mostly in high populated areas. This kind of events can affect the hard drive of laptops. If you have a surge protection device, then it is fine. However, if you are going through such issues, then we can retrieve your valuable lost due to the power surge.

OS is not identifying hard drive after its update:

Updates are important and keep your HDD running smoothly. But sometimes updates can develop issues in HDD. Longer time for the file to open, freezing of laptop and unexpected reboot are some signs of this issue. We can help you to resolve such issues and will get back your data from the drive.

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